Clair Chapwell (Director/Songwriter)

Clair believes in the power of music and drama to transform lives. Years ago she started Spare Tyre Theatre, writing and performing songs about compulsive eating and self image as a way of translating pain into laughter. Working with Bolder Voices writing songs about age gives her similar joy. Other collaborations with community groups use song and drama to bring issues of importance to participants into songs or scenes. Clair is a Churchill Fellow 2013 and Chair of Capital Age Arts, finding new ways isolated older people can engage in the arts in London.               





Rick Ferry (Guitarist)

Rick is an amazing guitarist and is equally at home in a variety of musical styles.  At a recent festival in which Bolder Voices performed he accompanied 5 different acts. He is musical director at Sotheby Centre, has his own trio the Elderly Brothers. If he’s not there…. he’s gigging somewhere……                                                                           






Andrea Beetison (Support Worker)

Andrea spent many years thinking she could not sing after a bad experience at school left her lacking in confidence.
Bolder Voices has helped her to find her voice, and she now sings all the time and at every opportunity! She is a retired nurse and lives in North London.



All photography by Rosie Litterick



All film by Bhavesh Hindocha