filming in St Pancras Station……


Recording I'M ALIVE (December 2016)

We're really excited about our intergenerational sixth video I'M ALIVE. Out in Spring 2017, it will have photos and video clips of positive active elders from all over the world. (See our Facebook page). Here we are recording the soundtrack:





Launch of LOVE THAT FREEDOM PASS (Autumn 2015)

We launched the video for Love That Freedom Pass (our celebration of free travel for older and disabled people in London) in style at Somerset House. The film was screened for the very first time to rapturous applause and a range of inspiring speakers took to the stage, with the choir entertaining the audience intermittently with songs, clad in purple feather boas and bow ties.




It was exciting to have Sadiq Khan, the next London mayor, speaking at the event. We performed our protest rap Hey Mr Boris to him - we haven't had a chance to perform this to the then current mayor, so it was great to have the future mayor hear it! Tulip Siddiq, MP for several of the choir members, spoke passionately about the important role older people have in the city and how older people having the Freedom Pass is consequently a privilege for everyone of all ages. 



We had a wonderful evening at Somerset House and the hits on our video are going up and up. Now bring on the new year and hopefully some exciting new projects for us... 

The launch was covered in the Brent And Kilburn Times and by Katharine Whitehorn in her Observer column.

Please watch our short video of the launch below, which captures the essence of the evening. Videography by Toby Hews.


SPEAK YOUR MIND (Sept- Nov 2016)

This year Bolder took on a new challenge: acting!!! The play was Sing Your Life- Speak Your Mind. Bolder was joined by other older actors. In the play they looked at life now as if they were age 22, 44, 66 and then at their own age.

The actors texted their way through the 20s and stressed their way through the 40s. They ached their way through the 60s from arthritis and marathons. Finally we heard about what they were up to now. The show looked at the pleasures as well as the pitfalls of life at every age. It was created by Clair from improvisations by the company and directed by Bob Karper.




Our speakers were the Rt. Hon. Sadiq Khan, MP, Tulip Siddiq, MP, London Councils Chair of TEC Councillor Julian Bell, Age UK London CEO Samantha Mauger, Age UK Camden CEO Gary Jones and Transport For All Campaigner Lianna Etkind. All of the speakers spoke brilliantly about the right for older people and disabled people to have access to free transport for London.



Tulip Siddiq said of the event:

"Bolder Voices are an amazing group of people who share common passions. Their first love, for singing and entertaining others is a joy to behold. But their second, to campaign on issues which affect them - that is what inspires me. Last night's Freedom Pass video was a testament to their hard work and dedication to championing a cause, and I will keep an eye out for them as they continue their entertainment careers!"



Filming Love That Freedom Pass (Summer/Autumn 2015)


Over the summer in 2015 we took to the streets to film the video for "Love That Freedom Pass", our anthem that celebrates free travel for older people and disabled people in London. We had a great time filming at different iconic locations in the city - it seems a lot of fun can be had with a group of friends and a freedom pass in your pocket!   





Cuts to older people's services are on the rise but it's generally acknowledged that the Freedom Pass is a win/win for all concerned. Older and disabled people don't need to suffer isolation but can use their Freedom Pass to explore the most cosmopolitan city in the world.

So let's keep celebrating and spreading the message!

Watch the video here


"Love that freedom pass,

Love that freedom pass,

Use it here, use it there, use it everywhere!"

Filming culminated in a singalong on the South Bank with singers from different older people's community groups from around London.




Three Generations Singing (Spring/Summer 2015)  

"I’ve got the blues…” In a series of workshops, Clair, Lydia and Andrew taught year 9 students at Queens Park Community School to write blues songs about how terrible it is to be 14!

After these workshops the Bolder Voices singers came into into the school and had the opportunity to listen to the Queen's Park students' songs and participate in an intergenerational singing workshop with them.

Alongside the workshops at the school, as part of "Three Generations Singing", Bolder Voices ran warmup and musical sessions with older people at Lawnfield House residential home. 


Song For Brent (Spring 2014)


John Keble Primary School and Bolder Voices collaborated on an after school songwriting project celebrating the positive reasons for living in Brent. 

Living where I live… living where I live…. 

Stroll down our high street-
Hairdressers, barbers
Salt fish and ackee, and chicken (fried)
Mixtures of cultures, Somali, West Indian
Brazilian and Irish- side by side.

Living where I where I live…                                    

Voice Of Our Age (Spring/Summer 2014)

In early 2014 Clair began teaching the group to run stretching and breathing exercises and in March the group went into two local residential homes to run music based sessions over a 6 week period. 

Stretching…. Singing…. Dancing…. As there were such similarities in age, friendships formed and since the project finished, members of the group keep returning to visit.