"Love That Freedom Pass!"

Bolder Voice's latest song celebrates the Freedom Pass, which provides free travel for disabled and older people in London. The Freedom pass means less isolation and a better quality of life for millions of people - we think this is something well worth celebrating! To film our video we took to the streets with our Freedom Passes to see just how much fun we could have in the city.



"Hey Mr Boris"

4 OUT OF 5 OLDER PEOPLE CAN'T CROSS THE ROAD AT THE LIGHTS? IT'S TRUE! "Hey Mr Boris" uses humour and music to highlight society's neglect of this life-or-death issue for older people. Bolder Voices are trying to get the man himself, Mayor Boris Johnson, to watch it. No luck so far...

"Touch Me"

"Touch Me" is a beautiful song about the importance of touch - human contact - for older people. Based on the memories of one of the singers, of his time as a soldier in Korea. Beware - it's a weepie!

"Ain't Gonna Close Our Centres Down"

“Ain’t Gonna Close Our Centres Down!” is a positive stance on the importance of day centres for older people closing due to government cuts. Watch the video to see us marching on Downing Street - early fears that we might be arrested were allayed when we heard the guards singing along with us!

"The Bankers Are To Blame"

"The Bankers Are To Blame" came out of our anger towards the recklessness and selfishness in banks that led to deep cuts in services for older people. This was Bolder Voice's first ever video. Most participants were not familiar with YouTube but their grandkids were excited by the number of “hits” they were getting: Yo Gran! You are like well cool! You have like 3000 hits, man!